School Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 24 — 6pm

Two important issues under discussion!

1. A demand for smaller class sizes: advantageous for students, parents, & teachers.


2. The impending firing & deportation of our hardworking immigrant colleagues. 

           All teachers, as well as all students, have benefited from the hard work and dedication of the immigrant teachers from Africa, Jamaica, and The Philippines. These women and men were recruited in their home countries and agreed to come, in many cases, to the other side of the planet to teach our children. They have done an exemplary job and are being repaid for this work with recurring misrepresentations about sponsorship for Green-cards. Now, many face not only the loss of their jobs but the loss of their way of life.
             The struggle is not over, and there are still many ways BCPSS can remedie this before it’s too late. Imagine your school without our immigrant colleagues, and then come join us at the School Board meeting!

Please come support your schools at the meeting!