Thursday, Feb 9, 4pm

Mervo rm 3315

**Meeting of Educators for Democratic Schools**

A record number of  Baltimore teachers experienced drops in their evaluations this year. We are rated on a three point scale, ranging from Proficient, through Satisfactory to Unsatisfactory.  Two weeks ago, we started to receive our mid-year evaluations. Many of us were rated one or more points lower than we typically had been.  At least ten schools now have 20+ teachers rated Unsatisfactory, and on Performance Improvement Plans.

This is NOT because the quality of teaching in Baltimore has plummetted. It is not because the ratings had previously been inflated. It is because the national “Race to the Top” program links test scores to teacher’s evaluations.

This has never been demonstrated to raise test scores, and test scores have never been demonstrated to be good indicators of deep understanding or future success.

Educators for Democratic Schools is fighting these unfair evaluations.